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This portfolio entry is a full redesign of my personal portfolio website, showcasing my skills and experience as a full-stack web developer. The primary goal of this redesign was to create a more user-friendly and accessible experience compared to the previous version (v1). The new design features a clean, modern, and responsive layout that highlights my work, skills, and background in a more engaging and efficient manner.

The website is organized into four main sections: Home, About Me, Portfolio, and Contact Me. The Home section introduces myself as a full-stack web developer with a brief overview of my passion for technology and problem-solving. The About Me section provides more in-depth information about my work experience, education, and personal interests.

The Portfolio section showcases my recent work, with a filterable gallery that allows visitors to view projects based on specific technologies used. Each project entry includes a brief description, completion date, and relevant technologies that were used.

Lastly, the Contact Me section offers multiple channels for visitors to get in touch with me, including email, phone, and various social media platforms. It also features a simple contact form for inquiries, collaborations, or opportunities.

This redesign of mikaelvincent.dev demonstrates my commitment to continuous improvement, as well as my ability to create visually appealing, responsive websites with seamless user experiences, prioritizing user engagement and accessibility.

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5 May 2023